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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Hate to say I told you so...

Just thought I'd check in on how the Royals have been doing since they hired Buddy Bell as manager. Right out of the shoot the Royals swept the Yankees, went 1-2 with the Rangers, 2-1 against the Giants, 2-1 against Arizona, and swept the Dodgers. That put them at 10-4.

Since then they've dropped two of three to the Astros, been swept by the White Sox, swept by the Rockies, dropped two of three to the Twins, and lost the first of a three game set to the Angels. So that makes it 2-11 since June 17th for an overall mark of 12-15 and now 26-52 for the season.

Buddy may be a teacher but he's not a miracle worker.

As a Royals fan I'm not so disappointed that the Royals stink since that was a foregone conclusion since I saw them in Spring Training. I'm most disappointed that they've somewhat recklessly brought guys up to the majors who have no reason to be there including Burgos (21 yrs old), Nunez (21 yrs old), Howell (21 yrs old), Huber (23 yrs old), and Costa (23 yrs old). These guys might form a good nucleus in Omaha, especially when you team them with Denny Bautista (24 yrs old) and Ruben Gotay (22 yrs old) but all of these guys now have major league service time and other than Gotay are not getting at bats on a regular basis. What would be the harm in letting these guys mature as a group in Omaha and then bringing them up together next season in a true youth movement that includes Greinke, Teahen, and DeJesus? As it is the Royals have a mix of young guys with a few veterans like Terrance Long, Matt Stairs, and Emil Brown. Can you really justify giving at bats to these guys over developing Huber and Costa? I sense some grasping at straws to try and salvage something from this season at the major league level. I say, be patient and bigger dividends will be paid down the road.

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