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Monday, July 04, 2005

Brenly a Moneyballer?

In yesterday's 5-4 12-inning loss to the Nationals yesterday I heard Cubs broadcaster Bob Brenly actually say something very interesting and very true.

He mentioned that in doing some quick math he realized that if Jerry Hairston (.360)and Todd Walker (.350) were to bat first and second instead of Corey Patterson (.274) and Neifi Perez (.296), Derrek Lee and company would have 85 to 100 more opportunities in a season with runners on base. In redoing his calculations he apparently based it on 600 plate appearances where it would yield 84 more times on base for Hairston and Walker. When you subtract homeruns that's around 70 or so but Brenly was on the right track. I also heard him over the weekend say that at least at the team level hitting well in "clutch" situations was largely luck and that it would even out over time. Is Bob a closet Moneyballer?

Today I see that Hairston is leading off against the Braves with Walker batting second.

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