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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Images of Spring

Just some spring training pictures today...

Sammy Sosa playing right field in Surprise against the Angels.

Veterns Sosa and Kenny Lofton around the cage on one of the practice fields. Lofton won the homerun contest with 11.

The Royals braintrust taking in a B game at the Rangers camp on Sunday morning. Brian Bannister is on the hill.

An Alex Gonzalez (yes, that one) sighting in the B game. He also played in the A games over the weekend.

Eric Gagne taking pitcher's fielding practice at the Rangers camp.

The view from the press box at Electric Park in Tucson. Had a nice visit with Matt Bartlett of who assisted in the scoring of the game.

1 comment:

Pizza Cutter said...

"Sammy Sosa playing right field in Surprise against the Angels." True in more ways than one.