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Sunday, October 12, 2003

1984 Redux?

Let's hope that the 4-0 win by the Marlins tonight is not the start of a repeat of 1984. I heard on NPR this week that Dennis Eckersely, who pitched for the Cubs in 84, said that on the flight out to San Diego (after the Cubs had trounced the Padres in the first two games) the team was brimming with overconfidence. He clearly thought that they were looking past the Padres and we all know what happend (Steve Garvey not withstanding). Let's hope this Cubs team has a better perspective. Of course, this team has Prior and Wood for games 6 and 7 (if needed).

Beckett was simply too tough tonight. The Cubs just got beat by a very good pitcher who was on top of his game. Zambrano bounced back pretty well so that was encouraging. It does look as if Sammy can't hit the good fastball (94 and up) anymore. Way late most of the time as Beckett turned up the heat after the brushback pitch.

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