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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Updater App Block Alternative

A post on my recent article on the updater application block from Microsoft:

"The .NET Application Updater block does provide a framework for a client-pull model of application deployment and upgrade, and is pretty good for some simple deployment scenarios.

There's a company called Kinitos that offers a more comprehensive solution for the central management of .NET client applications. One of the main differences is that they enable a centrally initiated style of application management including:
- SERVER-INITIATED install, upgrade, rollback, uninstall of client applications
- Ability to target specific users, roles or groups with an upgrade
- Peer-based delivery of application upgrade. (Once one client at a remote location has been upgraded, the upgrade will propagate through the local peer network rather than having all updates pulled from central server.)
- Incremental upgrades where only changed portions of application are transmitted during upgrade
- Central monitoring, tracking of installed version info and ability to interactively query client from central location as to its current status

This is just one area where they make .NET smart client application development, deployment and management easier. Their platform also lets applications make online/offline/occasionally-connected operation virtually transparent to user.

It's worth a look."

Might be interesting....

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