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Saturday, October 11, 2003

Cubs up 2-1

Great Cubs win last night 5-4 to go up 2-1 against the Marlins. I thought Dusty made the right move in leaving Remlinger in there. He looked good and was hitting his spots. Wood pitched well although I thought Leiter was correct in saying he challenged too much with 2 strikes. He was ahead in the count all night but gave up the big hits with 2 strikes.

Both Glanville and Goodwin came through in the pinch. Goodwin especially has had several huge pinch hits in the post season and coming down the stretch. He had a very good year and is still the best bunter I've ever seen (when he played for the Royals).

Clement goes tonight, who has been inconsistent all year. We'll see which Clement shows up tonight.

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