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Saturday, October 11, 2003

Will and California

George Will had an excellent column this morning regarding California's recall election. I especially like:

"Now this exercise in "direct democracy" -- precisely what America’s Founders devised institutions to prevent -- has ended with voters, full of self pity and indignation, removing an obviously incompetent governor. They have removed him from the office to which they re-elected him after he had made his incompetence obvious by making most of the decisions that brought the voters to a boil."

He goes on to note that Arnold is no conservative and echoes my previous post that he won't be able to get California out of its initative-created fiscal mess because the budget is largely off limits. His take is that Arnold was elected because he vowed to repeal the car tax. Rightly so but until Californians put some limits on themselves, they even the Terminator isn't going to help them.

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