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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Next Year Again

Well, the collapse is complete. I guess it was inevitable but I had a bit of hope until the last out was made. Coming into the series I said the Marlins should be the favorite since they are clearly a superior offensive team and their pitching is on a par (if you count their relievers). So the best team won I think but it doesn't help when you have leads in both game 6 and 7 and blow them with your aces on the mound. Sad day in Wrigleyville.

Also, some poor managing by Dusty. He elected to pitch to the number 8 hitter with the pitcher on deck. That is one situation where an intentional or semi-intentional walk is called for. Being down 2 versus being down 4 makes it a completely different ballgame. He also of course should have pulled Wood much earlier, Dusty has a tendency to stick with starters too long.

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