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Friday, October 03, 2003

Struggling with C.S. Lewis

I just finished reading Lewis Agonistes by Lou Markos, my wife's former professor. This book was the "inspiration" for the title of this blog.

A great book and highly recommended for anyone with a desire to understand the main ideas of Lewis and apply them in this postmodern world. In the book Lou goes step by step through the modern Christian's struggle with science, the new age, evil and suffering, the arts, and heaven and hell. By adroitly pulling key passages and ideas from the Lewis cannon he weaves an argument and a response to the challenges of both modernism and postmodernism in these key areas.

I like the fact that the book seems to challenge the reader more and more as you progress in it (at least it did me). I once heard a lecturer say that it is lucky if a scholar has one great idea in his lifetime. Well, Lewis had several and Markos illuminates them with the ease of someone who has deep knowledge of history, theology, literature, and Lewis.

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