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Thursday, October 02, 2003

Whidbey Rocks

I recently attended a 3 day event at Microsoft for publishers and authors. Several of the product groups came in and gave us demos and information on the next version of Visual Studio .NET and the Windows .NET Framework.

From all the info I have thus far Whidbey is going to be a major improvement for the lives of .NET developers everywhere. I am especially interested in the increased level of committment for the support of enterprise developers in terms of baking architectural patterns and WS-I standards into the product.

There should be lots of good sessions on this (as well as the bits) and other topics (ASP.NET improvements are significant as well) at the PDC in October. I won't be able to attend but advanced copies of a book on the Compact Framework Jon Box and I wrote will be there. Be sure to get yours!

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